While being busy with way other things [read : playing bejeweled and online ‘window’ shopping for my sister, because she just announced shes gonna live just a couple of houses away from me] my mind started to get distracted.
Thinking about how i would start my new blog, and where i want to write about.
Well, obviously, this was the start of….

I mentioned in my last (or first) post that i talked about emotions, or, no emotions because of meds.
I wondered if it could actually change not just the ‘bad’ feelings but also the good feelings.

Lately i notice that i care less about things that happen, and maybe i do care, because i know i normally would care, or that the normal human thing is to care, but the feeling is not there.
Often my head knows how i should feel, but i don’t feel like i should…

Ofcourse it is nice that these chemicals do what they have to do… I don’t have huge moodswings anymore, i feel pretty “stable”, even when i still moodswing i won’t go from “ok” to “crying in a corner”mood…

Like it’s not hard enough to keep people around you when you go from “roomtemperature”, to icecold..
What happens if you are totally indifferent….

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